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We are located in western Uttar Pradesh, the heartland of India.

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We provide varieties of bricks to choose from and for different purposes.

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Due to their thermal resistance, low porosity and optimum strength, they are used in the construction of buildings and homes. Their high, accurate dimension and affordable priced are the reason behind their wide demand in markets and clients.

naram avval

These bricks are made by professional with extra care for sharp edges and perfect finishing. They are made slip resistant and with excellent finish with high quality. They are heat resisting blocks of clay used in construction fields.

Lal peti

These are the strong and dense bricks manufactured at high temperature. They are easy to install and dust resistant. They have a a high load-bearing capacity, damp proof, and chemical resistant properties and are mostly used in groundworks, sewers and other civil engineering works.

peela chatka

They have a rustic appeal with sharp. They are fire resistant and are prepared under high pressure in a mould. They are manufactured in different colours by adding pigment during their production. with unique characteristics and cost-efficient, architects prefer this.

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